Winter Weather Table



























Howling Winds: The fans are shivering in the stands as a ferocious gale blows steadily down the pitch. Any pass attempts have an additional -1 modifier. Each player rolls a D6 (re-rolling ties) – the wind is blowing down the pitch towards the losing player’s End Zone. Whenever the ball scatters for a kick-off or inaccurate pass, it will be blown down the pitch. Before making the Scatter roll, place the Throw-in template over the ball so that the 3-4 result is pointing in the same direction as the wind, then roll a D6 and move the ball one space in the corresponding direction. Repeat this a second time, then scatter the ball as normal.

Freezing: A sudden cold snap turns the ground as hard as granite (and not the ‘astro’ variety that players are used to). Whenever a player is Knocked Down, add 1 to the result of the Armour roll. (Does not stack with MightyBlow or Claw)

Brisk: It’s rather chilly, but it is as close to perfect Blood Bowl weather as you can hope for at this time of year! This counts as a ‘Nice’ result for purposes of the Changing Weather result on the Kick-off table.

Frozen Pitch: If a player moves more than 6 squares in a single action (including Going for it), they automatically move one additional space after their move has ended (this extra square still counts a spart of their Action). This must be in the same direction they were travelling when they moved into their final square. If this would move them into an occupied square, they are instead Knocked Down in the square they are currently in. Otherwise, after they have moved this extra square, make an Agility test with a +1 modifier, ignoring tackle zones. If the roll is failed they are Placed Prone (no Armour roll is made); it is not a turnover unless they are carrying the ball

Blizzard: Between the snow, the wind and the icy ground, it is a miracle the game’s still in progress! Any player attempting to move an extra square (GFI) will slip and be Knocked Down on a roll of 1-2, and only Quick or Short Passes can be attempted.